Welcome to Valhalla DayZ!

We are a PVP focused community with a love for high tier loot. We are proud to host both a great DayZ server and the shittiest website on the internet!

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Hacking, cheating, glitching, duping, or ddos attacking will result in a ban.
Racism, physical threats, or homophobic remarks will not be tolerated
Do not call out cheaters or rule breakers in discord or in-game global chat. Create a ticket and wait for it to be resolved before you start a witch hunt
No excessive toxicity. Trash talk is fine but remember it's just a game. Along with this, please make an effort to resolve conflicts on your own. Admins will intervene if necessary but most of the time players can simply choose to ignore those who push the line on this rule.
Do not provoke or impersonate staff members
Do not log out within 5 minutes of shooting or being shot at (no combat logging)
Do not steal in safezone (but please lock your vehicles in safezone anyway)
Do not safezone strafe (going in and out of safezone to avoid damage)
Do not block access to traders
Do not take parts or items from vehicles in safezone
Do not leave vehicles in the safezone. They will be deleted
Do not spam megaphones, music, or make excessive noise in the safezone
Do not spam global chat. You will be muted or booted
Do not log out in an attempt to glitch or change position to gain access to a structure
Do not head/gun glitch to peak walls/bases
Do not use rendering issues to kill players
Do not build additional structures or place codelocks while you are being raided
Meatballing is not allowed. If you don't know what this is then you aren't doing it
Do not metagame - meaning don't give out player or base locations over discord or global chat. You can give out your own location or base so long as it does not give away an enemy player's location
"Who wants to pvp in Zelenogorsk?" is fine
"My base at [X location] is being raided" is not allowed
Griefing is generally not acceptable
Raiding the same base daily, lowering or removing enemy base flags, ruining vehicles not being used to transport enemy players, stealing helicopter rotors from safezones, etc.
Moonwalking is frowned upon but not illegal. You won't get banned for it but it will draw extra attention to you which is not likely to be a good thing
Leaderboard boosting is not bannable but it is dumb. If we catch you doing it we'll probably just laugh and reset your stats
Spawn camping is not explicitly against the rules but if you do it excessively an admin may decide to show you how it feels
Vehicles should be used with caution. We will generally replace vehicles lost or ruined due to issues like server crashes but you won't get the contents back without proof of what was in it